Hier stelle ich meinen 90mm Mikro Racer mit dem ich sehr zufrieden bin. Schnelle Reaktion, starke Bürstenmotoren ohne Eisenkern. Alles passiert auf Naze32 Flugkontroller und trotzdem extrem schnell, wendig und stark.
Er fliegt sich super zu Hause, als auch draußen. Es darf nur nicht windig sein. Natürlich ist der brushed Racer nicht so gut wie ein brushless, dafür aber um die hälfte günstiger.

Folgende Bauteile gibt es bei Banggood:
90mm Frame Kit 3D printed – https://goo.gl/WWP5KY
4X Chaoli CL 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor 39000 rpm – https://goo.gl/xTdwgv
5 Sets Walkera QR Ladybird Propellers – https://goo.gl/ua63SS
DasMikro Flysky PPM 7CH Receiver – https://goo.gl/o7JUMT
Eachine TX03 AIO Cmos FPV Camera – https://goo.gl/XhnNM5
5V micro Buzzer Alarm Beeper – https://goo.gl/fp49zI
220mAh 1S 3.7V 50C Upgrade Lipo – https://goo.gl/rcgt14
500mAh 1S 3,7V 80C LiPo GNB – https://goo.gl/qSJCpw
Eachine ACRO NAZE32_BRUSH Brushed FC – https://goo.gl/W7RSWX
FlySky FS-i6X – https://goo.gl/BJWvZj

Video -Mein bester DIY 90mm mikro brushed FPV Racer – Flugtest


Naze32 FC

Doku PDF – http://img.banggood.com/file/products/20161012215450NAZE32%20BRUSHED%20manual.pdf
Forum – http://forum.banggood.com/forum-f-4.html?pid=1076529
Eachine ACRO NAZE32_BRUSH Flight Control
Dimension: 22mm*32.5mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Weight: 3g
1. NAZE32_BRUSH is in the revision on the basis of NAZE32 flight control,it is a 32bit brush controller base on NAZE32 firmware .
2. The flight control support 1S (4.2V) and 2S (8.4V) power supply, 2S power can bring flying experience more violence.
3. Independent design of the circuit structure, comes with the pressure reduction technology, whether it is 1S or 2S power input, UART1/2 output 5V, UART3 output 3.3V
4. With a large current NMOS transistors, operating current of up to 10A or more.
5. Support for PPM, SBUS, DSM receiver input signal.
6. With battery voltage detection and buzzer interface.
7.In support of the world almost all hollow cup motor, including 1020 coreless motor.Support 6 motor.

Before applying power, pay attention to the battery voltage selection.
The default shipping is 1S (4.2V); When using 2S, first need to disconnect the short contacts 1S, and then put the two pads on the 2S.
Prohibit shorted together the three pads at the same time.

Receiver configuration:
1. DSM receiver soldered directly to the DSM interface 3.3V, GND, RX2, in CF software configuration UART2 for Serial RX, and change the Receiver mode to RX_SERIAL,and then set up the receiver brand with Spektrum1024 or 2048.
2. SBUS receiver soldered on UART2 interface.SBUS signal in CF software configuration UART2 for Serial RX,and change the Receiver mode to RX_SERIAL,and then set up the receiver brand with SBUS.
3. PPM receiver soldered on PPM interface.No need to open RX Serial, just in the CF software to change the Receiver mode for RX_PPM.
Flashing with Betaflight 3.1 use NAZE32 flash image


Ich bin mit den standard Werten bei Betaflight 3.1.5 geflogen. Und schon da flog der QX90 gut.

Auf dem FC habe ich Betaflight auf 3.1.5 aktualisiert. Hier meine Einstellungen (diff):

# diff mit PPM Empfaenger
# Betaflight / NAZE 3.1.5 Feb 7 2017
feature MOTOR_STOP
aux 0 0 0 1700 2100
aux 1 27 1 1700 2100
aux 2 1 1 900 1300
aux 3 2 1 1325 1675
aux 4 12 2 1700 2100
set motor_pwm_protocol = BRUSHED
set serialrx_provider = IBUS
set vbat_warning_cell_voltage = 33
set gyro_sync_denom = 4
set pid_process_denom = 2
profile 0
rateprofile 0
rateprofile 0
set roll_srate = 75
set pitch_srate = 75
set yaw_srate = 75

#zusaetzlich fuer DSM2 Empfaenger
feature -RX_PPM
feature RX_SERIAL
serial 1 64 115200 57600 0 115200
set serialrx_provider = SBUS

Mein Equipment
Skyzone SKY02S V+ Brille – https://goo.gl/Wrznsr
FrSky TARANIS Q X7 Funke – https://goo.gl/rrWdfy
FrSky X9D Plus SE Funke – https://goo.gl/A6Fg1O
iRangeX IRX4 Multiprotokol Modul – https://goo.gl/uxMROJ
FrSky XM Empfänger  – https://goo.gl/eBdJzS
FrSky XM+ Empfänger – https://goo.gl/9tZT2h
FlySky FS-i6X Funke – https://goo.gl/iyrmSM
FlySky FS-i6 Funke – https://goo.gl/mWdxbS
FlySky A8S Empfänger – https://goo.gl/PrVerD
RunCam 2 Actiocam – https://goo.gl/x12sNP
RunCam 3 Actiocam – https://goo.gl/9njQov
RunCam Split – https://goo.gl/765aJc

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